Think and Grow Rich Workbook

Using the Think and Grow Rich workbook will help  guide you to success. Think and Grow has a secret. The secret in the book tells you what you need to do to move yourself toward success. It also tells you how to do it. You can have anything you want when you find the secret in the book.

The Think and Grow Rich workbook can assist you to dramatically change your life for the better, and, in turn, change the lives of those with whom you come in contact … your family, your friends, your business associates.

Napoleon’s Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich has had a profound affect on the lives of many successful people. It is one of the most influential self-help books ever published. Thousands of people who have read it have discovered in it the key to financial independence. They have also found the keys to happiness and self-fulfillment.

This workbook isn’t designed to replace Hill’s book, but to supplement it and reinforce the principles in it. This workbook was designed to isolate the most important lessons from the book and present them in a format that will be familiar to the twenty-first century student. The most important information from each relevant chapter is presented as clearly as possible, and followed by a brief review. In this manner you can “install” the key elements of the book in your mind. As a result, your goals will be clearer, sharper and manifest even quicker for you.