The Secret of the Ages

By Robert Collier

In 1926, Robert Collier wrote one of the first self-help books, The Secret of the Ages. After recovering from an illness with the help of mental healing, the young Collier, scion of a wealthy publishing family, immersed himself in studying the powers of the human mind.  What he discovered filled him with awe:  Human beings, since the dawn of history, have used the applied principles of mental visualization to improve life for themselves and others around them.  This was “The Secret of the Ages.”

Collier firmly believed in the possibility of bettering the life of every man and woman who chose to follow his Rules, or Secrets.  In his book he puts forth seven secrets that will completely change the life of the individual who takes his words to heart and makes a concentrated effort to apply his principles. 

His seven secrets discuss various aspects of the Subconscious, one’s Ambition and Desire, finding one’s Goal and Purpose, having Faith in oneself and in one’s Inner Mind, a discussion of how the Creative Imagination will bring financial rewards and proof of the Power of Will.