It’s Not About the Money

“Why do wealthy people who lose their money, soon become wealthy again?”

“Why do most lotter winners lose tier money and rarely regain it.”

The answer isn’t their friends, family, or environment. – it’s their mind. Most of us were taught throughout our lives hat the whole point of making money is to sock it away and build our own “nest egg”. However, Bob will show you that wealth is no about accumulation; it is a journey of growth and circulation. It has to do awareness; it’s about developing a prosperity consciousness.

Everyone says the want more money, but what they really want are the things that money can buy and the freedom of time that money affords. While you may think this is an insignificant difference, it is actually the reason so many people have become wealthy. They never understand that it’s not about the money!

This book gives you the answers to achieving wealth and living life of your choosing rather than accepting the life you have. While it may seem that there are many roadblocks on you journey to wealth, the only real obstacle is what you believe, think, and feel about money