Bob Proctor’s Power Life Script shows you how to create a compelling, customized power life script to help you overcome the uncertainty in today’s world.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen so much collective uncertainty and turmoil in the world. However, you shouldn’t let all the chaos affect you.

Instead of seeing the world the way the masses do, view it—and your life—through an entirely different lens.

One of the best ways I know to do that is to create a customized life script that uplifts, empowers and delights you.

And listen…

You don’t have to be unhappy, anxious, or unhealthy to do this.

Even if you’re very pleased with your current life circumstances, I encourage you to design a life script.

My friend, Peggy McColl, started creating life scripts about 20 years ago, when she found herself at the lowest point in her life. Even though she is now living the life of her dreams, she still constructs scripts to keep taking her life to new heights.

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What genre will you choose?

Don’t let the dramas of the outside world, your past failures, or even your successes define or limit you. Failure is not fatal. And success is not final.

You’ve got a power flowing through you that allows you to do things that will astound you. So, decide what, exactly, you want your future to look like.

How do you want your days to play out? Who do you want to be spending time with? Where will you live? How much money will you make? How healthy will you be?

The truth is, you are writing the script for the movie of your life in every moment. So, think about this…

What genre do you want your movie to be – a comedy? a drama? an adventure? inspirational?

Most people don’t realize they have the power to choose. So, they let other people choose the plot, the cast of characters and the movie setting.

In other words, they are extras in their own movie!

Well, starting today, become the conscious writer, director and star of your movie. Remember, this is your life. If you want a life with more passion, awe-inspiring relationships, a grand business, write it into the script.

You are an individual expression of Universal Consciousness with your own unique purpose and gifts. And you have the power to create your life in accordance with your preferences.

However, to get the most from this process, you’ve got to write a script that allows you to dream big AND still believe that it’s possible for you. Because if you don’t believe it, you won’t expect it and that will keep your desire from moving toward you.

So, allow me to explain how to do both of those things…

How to write a script that tunes you in and turns you on!

Here are five tips for writing a compelling life script that helps you create the movie of your dreams:

Handwrite your story in the present tense, as if you are living it NOW.

Make it a very positive and uplifting vision of your future. Talk about the things you want MOST in each area of your life—physical body, business or career, finances, relationships, intellect, spiritual connections.

Engage all your senses and include as much detail as possible about where you are, what you look like, who you’re with, what you do, your financial situation…everything.

See and feel yourself living in accordance with this script that is custom made for you by you. The more you feel it, the more real it becomes, and the more powerfully you are attracting it.

Review your script each day. Writing your life script is not something you do once and forget about it. You should read it every day, and refine it as necessary to keep you worked up.

When you write a life script in this manner, it accomplishes five things. It…

-Compels you to change or get very clear on your thoughts about your future.

-Moves you beyond limiting beliefs.

-Keeps you focused on—and, therefore, attracting—what you want rather than what you don’t want.

-Intensifies your feelings and expectations about your true desires.

-Harnesses the power of the Universe and attracts people, places and resources just as you want them to be.

How to increase your belief

Once you create a script that allows you to dream big, you may need to work on your belief that it’s possible.

To do that, read your script out loud (with feeling) and record it. Then, listen to it several times every day. I recommend listening to it when you wake up and again before you go to sleep at night. You can also listen in your car and while you’re getting dressed, working out or cooking.

With this spaced repetition of new ideas and beliefs, you will be able to change your thoughts and belief systems (your paradigm). When that happens, your actions will change too.

One of the reasons life scripts work is because they put your mind in a state of expectancy. The stream of plenty always flows towards the open and expectant mind. Expectation is the attractive force that moves your dream towards you.

Before long, opportunities and people who can help will begin to “show up” until you become the person you want to be. Then, your whole life will become what you imagine it can be.

If you’re serious about taking your life to the next level—and beyond—don’t just read about this process. Do it now. You’ll be so happy that you did.

To your success,

Bob Proctor

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