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International Speaker,
Best-Selling Author,
Empowerment Specialist

For almost a decade now, I’ve been a life coach helping people around the world on nearly every continent to get unstuck. Yet prior to becoming a full-time professional Life Coach, I spent 20 years in sales and sales management. I was very good at it and seemingly “successful.”

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Want transformation in your Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Financial, & Vocational health?
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We are Better Together!

We want everyone who attends Church of the Rock to enjoy the benefits of a Home Group, for we believe that life-change...

What is a Home Group?

Over fifty times in the New Testament the phrase "one another" is used to describe our relationship to other believers. We are instructed...

How do I Join?

The Home Group Leaders you'll see listed in our GROUP SEARCH would love to hear from you. Why not send them a note and ask them about...

Improve Your Life. Today!

Sometimes in life, we get the urge to shake things up a bit, break the mold, and totally recreate our lives to better match our current state of consciousness.

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