The Master Key System

By Charles Haanel

There are many today who claim The Master Key System is the greatest personal-development book ever written.  It is simply one of the finest studies in personal power, metaphysics and prosperity consciousness that exists.

The Master Key System was among the first books to use the phrase Law of Attraction which has become such a popular term today when referring to the most power force in the universe.

Covering everything from how to create abundance and wealth, to how to get healthy, the author explains each topic with a logic and rigor that not only leaves you feeling good, but also thinking good.

Rumor has it that while he was attending Harvard University, Bill Gates discovered and read The Master Key System.  It was this book that inspired the future founder of Microsoft to drop out of Harvard and pursue his dream of a computer on every desktop.  You probably know the results… It is Silicon Valley’s secret that almost every entrepreneur who mad a fortune in recent years did so by studying the words Mr. Haanel penned almost 100 years ago!  Almost every millionaire and billionaire in the Valley read the book.

The book was also one of the major inspirations behind the hit movie “The Secret.”

The Master Key System is a system that teaches the ultimate principles, causes, effects, and laws that underlie all attainment and success.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

By Joseph Murphy

The Power of your Subconscious Mind has been a bestseller since its first publication in 1963, selling many millions of copies since its original publication. It is one of the most brilliant and beloved spiritual self-help works of all time, which can help you heal yourself, banish your fears, sleep better, enjoy better relationships and just feel happier.  The techniques are simple and results come quickly.  You can improve relationships, your finances, and your physical well-being.

Dr. Joseph Murphy explains that life events are actually the result of the workings of you conscious and subconscious minds.  He suggests practical techniques through which one can change one’s destiny, principally by focusing and redirecting the miraculous energy.  Years of research studying the world’s major religions convinced him that some Great Power lay behind all spiritual life and that this power is within each of us.

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” will open a world of success, happiness, prosperity and peace for you.

The Secret of the Ages

By Robert Collier

In 1926, Robert Collier wrote one of the first self-help books, The Secret of the Ages. After recovering from an illness with the help of mental healing, the young Collier, scion of a wealthy publishing family, immersed himself in studying the powers of the human mind.  What he discovered filled him with awe:  Human beings, since the dawn of history, have used the applied principles of mental visualization to improve life for themselves and others around them.  This was “The Secret of the Ages.”

Collier firmly believed in the possibility of bettering the life of every man and woman who chose to follow his Rules, or Secrets.  In his book he puts forth seven secrets that will completely change the life of the individual who takes his words to heart and makes a concentrated effort to apply his principles. 

His seven secrets discuss various aspects of the Subconscious, one’s Ambition and Desire, finding one’s Goal and Purpose, having Faith in oneself and in one’s Inner Mind, a discussion of how the Creative Imagination will bring financial rewards and proof of the Power of Will.


Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

When you begin to think and grow rich, you will observe that riches begin with a state mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work.  You, and every other person, ought to be interested in knowing how to acquire that state of mind which will attract riches… Observe very closely, as soon as you master the principles of this philosophy, and begin to follow the instructions for applying those principles, your financial status will begin to improve, and everything you touch will begin to transmute itself into an asset for your benefit.  Impossible? Not at all!

Success come to those who become success conscious.  Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious.

The object of this book is to help all who seek it learn the art of changing their minds from failure consciousness to success consciousness.

…that before we can accumulate riches in great abundance, we must magnetize our minds with intense desire for riches, that we must become ‘money conscious’ until the desire for money drives us to create definite plans for acquiring it.

The premise of the book is simple:

Riches begin with a state of mind.  If we want to get rich, we must first change our minds so that we become, as Napoleon Hill calls it, money conscious.  He says that we must literally THINK ourselves rich.  The term riches meaning any form of wealth like money, happiness, healthy relationships, and business success etc.

This book offers the How To think ourselves rich, how to control our minds and our thoughts so that we can become rich.