Download your free copy of Acres of Diamonds and discover one of the most famous speeches of the twentieth century.

Acres of Diamonds is a lecture that Russell Conwell, founder of Temple University, delivered more than 6,000 times across the country.  Through this lecture Conwell debunks the idea that it is noble to be poor, an idea that too many people share.

This stirring manifesto shows how to discover everything you need to succeed, where you least expect it.

In its printed version Acres of Diamonds reached millions of readers around the world.  Conwell’s great manifesto imparts one extraordinary lesson:  All the wealth you could ever dream of, search for, or yearn after, in whatever form you wish for, exists right beneath your own feet.  It is a message of determination, unconventional thinking, and positive living that came to influence a generation of motivational literature.

What do the stories of a farmer in the Middle East, a rancher in California, a man in Pennsylvania and a college professor in Massachusetts have in common?  They all sold the homes in search of riches elsewhere, only to find the riches they sought were right there all along.  The point of these stories is that we often dream of fortunes to be made elsewhere.  We ought instead to be open to the opportunities that are around us.  If you learn to see and seize the opportunities in front of you and adopt these enduring lessons, you’ll be well on you way to finding your acres of diamonds.

“If you wish to be great at all, you must begin where you are and with what you are.”

Download your free copy of Acres of Diamonds to gain a greater understanding of this principle.

By Russell H. Conwell