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Increase The Probability To Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever achieved or completed a long sought goal and then immediately felt a surge of confidence and began setting the next new one? Probably so! It can be quite exhilarating to accomplish and achieve significant goals in life.

But, did you ever notice that for this next goal that you set out to achieve, you probably raised the bar on it and made sure it was a bit more challenging. Our expectations and standards tend to climb as our goals become accomplished.

Some philosophers have even claimed that nothing of our senses tend to satisfy our soul. Our soul just keeps striving upward and onward possibly even toward what some have termed as the ‘infinite’.

Goals have a way of climbing in height

Goals have a way of climbing in height from those that are more easily reachable and almost immediately attainable to those that take either more effort and / or greater time. In most cases it has been shown that as our ability to attain our goals grows so does our confidence. In some cases we can even begin setting goals that are unachievable.

“How high can you climb you might ask yourself?”

That is a great question, for some have achieved some seemingly unbelievable feats. Often their sheer determination and patient perseverance have seen them through to their desired outcomes.

Misaligned goals cause disappointment

But, is there a part of us that can set goals that are unreal, misaligned with our true higher values and therefore unattainable. As a result we set ourselves up for an internal moral dilemma, the big let down, a crash or a feeling of defeat and burnout. This can and has certainly happened to some.

It is like in the sport of gambling for some people. If they win they probably bet again and often a little or lot more goes into the pot. But the odds are not really in the favor of the gambler. So the emotional high from their wins can become the very source of their lows the moment they lose.

Most people can handle approximately 10% fluctuations in their emotions without too much reaction. This means if they gain or lose 10% of their money they can handle this predicament without being too elated or distraught. But when those percentages climb higher so do their emotional reactions.

Set reasonable, moderate and realistic goals as you make your climb

So when your setting your goals, which I am assuming you already know are very powerful and useful in living a more fulfilling life, set them with reason and graduate them moderately and realistically as you make your climb. Make sure they are realizable and set on stable and steady ground, for the higher your expectation the greater your let down can become.

This is not to say that great expectations are not healthy. They can be. But they must be backed up with firm planning and methodical actions.

Goal planning worksheet

To assure that you have set reasonable goals, work through a goal planning worksheet to make sure that what goal you have set is truly achievable in the time frame that you have set it in. Work through any possible obstacles that might arise.

Guidance or mentorship from someone who has already been there or done that can be immensely helpful.

The more details that you plan the less likely you are to fail and the more you are able and likely to achieve.

A master of achievement is one who plans and focuses on ever-finer detail. If you can see your desired outcome in your mind in perfect detail before you begin your actions the more likely you are to achieve it.

It is wiser to climb one step at a time than to attempt to leap across huge gorges. By the inch, it’s a cinch. The seemingly unattainable can become attainable if you see it clearly, plan it methodically and simply stick with it!

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