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7 Areas to Empower…

There are seven areas of life that we are here to empower:

Our spiritual mission;
Our mental genius/creativity;
Our vocational success, achievement, service;
Our financial freedom/independence;
Our family love and intimacy and continuance of procreation;
Our social influence and leadership; and
Our physical health, stamina, strength and well-being.

Any of these seven areas that we as individuals don’t empower will become overpowered by others. So any area of life that we don’t empower, somebody else will overpower.

We are not victims of their over-empowerment, we are simply not empowered and it is their over-powerment that in turn initiates and catalyzes our drive for inner-empowerment.

As Nietzsche proclaimed, we all have the will to power. Just as we as individuals have these yearnings for these powers, so do collective societies and nations. But now their descriptions also have to expand:

Our individual spiritual mission now becomes the dominant, spiritual/religious ideologies of a nation.
Our mental genius becomes our educational system.
Our goals for achievement and success become our GDP, our corporate entrepreneurial and national business development.
Our economics become the wealth of our nation, income per capita, again the stability of our national economics and the assets.
Our family stability is our marriage and divorce ratios and our fertility / mortality rates.
Our social influence is our influence on other nations around the world and our leaderships and
Our physical health and wellbeing becomes our healthcare systems, policing systems and military strength.

Now if a nation does not empower any of these seven areas, that area can be overcome and overpowered by other nations or groups. This applies to nations just as it applies to individuals.

The will to power and empowerment, although assumed to be about race, creed, colour, age or sex isn’t in fact limited by these factors.

There is always somebody from each race, creed, colour, age or sex that empowers their lives and is not overpowered.

It’s all about empowering yourself

The first step in empowering each of these areas is education. Success leaves clues and those individuals as well as those nations that have risen in power need to follow these clues. Awakening to and owning these traits and, developing and furthering these traits, and awakening these traits in each of the seven areas of life can both empower individuals and nations.

If we blame outer circumstances for why we are not empowered, we will hinder our empowerment, but if we start acting and doing the things that are proven to empower, we rise in power.

Instead of having individuals or nations sitting in the shadows of other individuals or other nations, it’s wise for individuals and nations to recognise that nothing is missing in them,particularly in their areas of competitive advantage and that they are just not acknowledging, awakening or honouring the powers they have.

Once they awaken these powers and recognise them, through awareness and education, each competitive advantage that each individual or nation has, can shine.

If we as individuals and nations concentrate on what we do have, and recognise our power and use it wisely, we will not become overpowered.
The moment the individual or nation realises that nothing is missing inside them and they value themselves, so does the world.
Empowerment is not what corrupts, it’s the fear of being overpowered that corrupts.
The anticipation of loss of power corrupts, not the gain of power.
Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute.
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